Amy's Beach Craft

My Story

I am a treasure hunter.  I hunt for treasures on the beach when ever I get a chance. Having the opportunity to live on the beach at the Jersey Shore. I had my own beach which I walked each day. Hunting and filling bowls, then buckets, then boxes with sea glass and other interesting treasures brought up by the sea.  When I moved away from the shore, my sea glass went into storage except for a few little bowls and jars I kept on display.  Then one day I looked at my collection and thought to myself, "You deserve better.  You're too wonderful and beautiful to live in a bowl.  You deserve more."

That was the beginning of my journey from collector to creator.  I wanted to share my collection in a way that would put my beauties on display and give them the life they deserved.  Check out the gallery to see my creations.  With each visit to the beaches during my travels, which has included not only the Jersey shore, but Cape Cod, Cape Breton Island, Florida, and even the shores of Ireland. I will be adding more to my collection, creating more beauties for you to enjoy. 

Please contact me if you would like to know more about my creations.